Habit and Addiction.

Living with a negative habit can be nothing short of a nightmare, detrimental to your health and happiness, and can put strain on relationships. That’s where John comes in…

Ever wondered why it’s so hard to break a habit by just trying to stop? The simple answer is because trying requires effort. When your behaviour became a habit, it became automatic, no longer requiring effort or thought, it just happened.

We all have habits, some good and some bad. When your bad habits start affecting your health, relationship or just life in general then it’s time to act.

With the use of hypnotic techniques, we can remove this automatic pattern, break the triggers, and give you back control. John will not stop you from being able to bite your nails or smoke a cigarette, but what John can do is take away that unconscious, automatic action. You will find yourself just thinking about and doing other things, free from the old habit, easily and painlessly.

All of these habits can be overcome through Hypnotherapy, and many more besides:

● Nail or finger biting
● Lip or cheek biting
● Hair pulling
● Scratching
● Smoking/ vaping
● Overeating/ snacking/ fast food
● Eating too fast
● Binge drinking
● Social media addiction
● Caffeine addiction
● Impulse buying/ emotional shopping
● Procrastination
● Negative self-talk

Learn the techniques that will allow
you to be the best you that you can be.